Golf Course Aerial Shot


Golf Ball in Hole

The twelve event winners get a FREE place at Grand Final (NAMES IN BOLD - Current points qualifiers in Italics)

11 order of merit qualifiers. Split between overall (6 players) and best 4 events scores (5 players)

The overall order of merit winner gets a 5 point start & an extra place for 1 guest at GF. (If guest a tour member & played 5 events or more - they will also be eligible for grand prize.)

Places 2 & 3 on overall list get GF place & 4 point start. Places 4,5 on overall get 3 point start.

Top five on best 4 list get GF place and;

1/2 - 3 point start
3/4 - 2 point start
5th - 1 point start

If event winner also qualifies on order of merit extra places awarded on best 4 list to give a maximum total of 24 Grand Final competitors.

multiple event winners get a guest space at final (but lose OOM points for the subsequent win) or £99 credit for another event.