The Prizes

Each event is strictly limited to 40 players - some only 24 - increasing your chances of getting to the grand final at The Oxfordshire!

Winner gets to Grand Final, 2 rounds & one-night dinner b&b at The Oxfordshire - October 7th & 8th.

2nd place - £50 Voucher

3rd place - £25 Shaw Clothing Voucher

NTP & Long Drive at most events

SUPER 2's SWEEP (After Event #7 pot stands at £175)

Every '2' gets an entry into the end of season draw - the winner gets an up to £500 golf equipment voucher valid at Ferndown Forest Shop, one of the best-stocked golf shops in the South!
The more events you enter, the more 2's you might get & more entries into the draw. The player at each event who gets the nearest the pin on our designated hole/s gets 3 bonus entries (as well as the 2 if they make that putt!)

Anyone gets a hole in one - that's 10 bonus entries into the Super 2's sweep.


Overall Order of Merit Winner gets a guest place at final & 5 point start.

Places 2 & 3 on overall list get GF place & 4 point start. Places 4,5 on overall get 3 point start.
Top five on best 4 event list get GF place and;
1/2 - 3 point start
3/4 - 2 point start
5th - 1 point start

The 12 event winners and another 11 top performers on the order of merit get the trip to The Oxfordshire and the chance to battle it out for a top prize of £500 voucher.

The top order of merit performer also gets an extra place at The Oxfordshire for a guest (if a tour member who has played at least 5 events, they can also win the top prize)

2nd place at Grand Final gets a £200 golf equipment voucher.

3rd Place gets a block of five one hour lessons with 'The Tattooed Golf Coach'

4th Place gets a £50 Shaw Golf Voucher

Other prizes for NTP etc, 2 x £50 vouchers, others tbc